Culture manual.

We are Whale Agency

We exist because we are genuinely curious.

Therefore, we LISTEN.

As a creative agency, we have done dope $hit we are crazily proud of. But we learn to hold our ego. Before we begin to work, we love to sit down and listen. We listen to understand what our clients need. We listen to learn what our end-users truely love. We listen to hear the silent voice of future trends.

Therefore, we ADAPT.

We live people’s problems. We are passionate to adapt to new ideas and changes. When life throws wave at us, instead of waiting for it to end, we grab our boards and surf it. Because that is what the Whales do.

Therefore, we EMBRACE.

We don’t work for the sake of working, we create value. We strive hard. We embrace metamorphosis. We initiate changes. We transform. We embrace to be embraced.

Whale's philosophy

Our working philosophies guide our working manners. They are rules we share from day One to make sure we know what to expect from each other. We have nothing to hide, so here they are:

Don't stop until it bleeds.
Be sure to do what you love. But don’t be such a kid who can’t stick his nose to a thing for more than a day. Once you have decided to do something, don’t stop until it bleeds. Learn to love what you do.

Don’t blame it on inspiration.
We are highly motivated people. We don’t wait until the inspiration juice sparks to start working. We work hard to make it happen. We are inspired by our hard work and self-growth. Discipline > Inspiration.

Be bold. Beat your boss.
If you think your boss is wrong. Tell and explain why. We expect entrepreneur mindsets from our people. We don’t expect people to be easy on us. We think individually. But. We grow together. Be open for abstract and uncertainty. Be open for challenges. Be responsible.

Don’t bring work home.
We respect personal life. Work hard in the office and chill hard (or do whatever you like) in your free time. If you really love what you are doing, feel free to dream and sleep on the ideas. Leave the execution for productive hours at the office. Enjoy the life!

Don’t keep things to yourselves.
We share. Therefore we learn. We treasure every idea, maybe they are not practical now, but can spark later. As long as you are willing to say, others are willing to listen. So speak up!

Make mistakes. Learn from it. And repeat.
Play around. Be bold. We all make mistake. But we learn from it. And have fun in between. Don’t wait for permissions. Repeat the process. Enjoy the results.

Details matter.
Little things add up. Don’t oversee. Tree begin from seed. The extra-ordinary begin with the ordinary. Catastrophes begin with tiny fraud. Think big. But, do small. Details matter.

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The office.

We spend many hours of our life in the office together. We see each other. We hear each other. We breath the same air. So, it is important that we feel comfortable co-habiting during our working hours. Here are some rules to make our office time enjoyable, yet productive.

Our time matters.
You don’t need to be in office for the sake of being in office. Come in office when your workaholic adrenaline kicks in. Enjoy your flow.

Drink some nice coffee.
We have a good and cute coffee machine: a Dolce Gusto penguin with Whale logo. Feel free to refresh yourself with a cup of Lungo, Cappuchino or Latte Machiatto. Let us know if you want a new flavour to join the rotation.

Leave your ‘mask’ at home.
We respect and are proud of different individual identities. Be genuine. Be you. Feel free to leave your ‘masks’ at home. Because we spend a lot of time together, it matters that we all feel comfortable in our skins. Create “gezelligheid”. Make genuine camaraderie.

Respect each other bubbles. We are creative people. We like to share ideas. But we also come here to work and execute. So prepare a good earphones to enjoy yourself. Don’t disturb others while they are focusing.

Water the trees.
Stay green. Be kind to nature. We have two trees offering us free fresh air. In return, treat them with some water when you have time. If you have a plant that needs a new home, bring it to the office.