/ˈpəːpəs/ - noun - the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.

We are Whale Agency, and this is our purpose.

We believe there is always a better way to do our work, and we want to find it and share it with as many businesses and people as possible.

Our Values


We maintain an inclusive environment where we can thrive professionally and personally. We maintain a sustainable pace of productivity and full lives outside of work. We maximize our ability to take on any project by creating a diverse team that can bring their experience and perspectives together to solve problems. We are proud of the work we are doing, and believe that it is meaningful, worth existing, and improves society and human well-being.


We are able to manage ourselves and don't need someone to tell us what to do in order to be productive. Our first instinct is to take initiative rather than expect a policy or ask for permission. We are able to make decisions on our own, to initiate change, and to take action independently. Taking action independently doesn't mean we do everything alone. Rather, we know when to collaborate, and when to ask for help.

Continuous Improvement

We recognize that we can always be better. We confidently go forward with the ideas we currently believe while remaining open and eager to better ideas. We take initiative to improve ourselves, the company, and the people we love.

This is a never-ending task, because there is always room for improvement. This week should be better than last, and we should be optimistic that next week will be better than this week. We learn new things and share those things with our peers and community.

While continually working to make things better, we prefer long-term viability over near-term shortcuts. It is more important that our organization still exists in five years than it is that we make an extra euro this year. 


We expect the best from each other, give each other the benefit of the doubt, encourage each other to take initiative to improve ourselves and the company and provide direct and constructive help to each other.

We show trust and respect for each other by telling the truth and demonstrate honesty and integrity in our actions.

We avoid having private conversations about each other or clients. Instead, we talk in person, and use tools such as Slack, Trello, and Jira to communicate openly within a project, within Whale Agency, and publicly.

We want to be able to choose our own tools and bring a respected voice to the way our projects are run. We are not in the room to take orders, we're in the room to collaborate and solve problems. We insist on working for clients who trust our role and experience.

We prefer transparency of information whenever possible.

We do all of this while maintaining the privacy and confidentiality that every person deserves.


We create working, maintainable, and understandable software and websites that are enjoyable and easy to use. We improve the quality of the process and the client's environment. Beyond that, designing and building quality digital means improving the security, privacy, and accessibility of our products; this requires improvements of life and reduction of harm for all users, contributors, and the people they affect.