8 Tips Why You Should Use PWA instead of a Native App

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Nowadays, companies worldwide compete for clients. Each and every day a new office opens in every town, and it is ready to enter into a fight of getting as many customers as it can. A few years ago, all the real fights for the market have moved from the real shops to the internet.

In this article we will let you know about a very ‘new school’ method of getting more traffic and clients. It is called PWA (Progressive Web App). We will also share some reasons on why you should invest in a PWA instead of a native App.

What is PWA?

No dictionary will give you a definition of this term. A PWA (Progressive Web Application) is a webpage, that is built with web technologies and API’s, which make the site feel like an app. Sounds strange? Keep on reading.

The PWA ‘philosophy’ was already introduced with the iPhone OS 1.1.3

Why do we recommend a PWA vs. a native App?

A PWA is something between a webpage and an App, which is very easy and simple to use. One would ask: why is a PWA better than a native App, as it is also simple to use?

1. PWA works offline

Yes, it does. You do not need an LTE/WIFI connection when you are on a plane to check the company/brand you are looking for. When being in the other part of the world, you do not need to worry about roaming or extra fees that you need to pay to get connected to a PWA. You save your time and money!

no wlan sign

2. PWA’s are fast

According to official Google statistics, more than a half of users will leave a webpage if it takes more than 3 seconds to load it. People are impatient and if your webpage is not opening, a potential client will check a page of your competitor, that loads faster. In order to forget about a loading problem, you can create and use a PWA.

3. PWAs are engaging

When you use PWA for the first time, you will definitely like its UX. A recognisable and an eye-appealing icon, responsive content, off-line support and no unwanted loading screens… These simple things will make the visitors of your PWA turn to you from the competitors, that are stuck with their native Apps and slow webpages. (We think).

4. PWAs are safe


PWAs work with HTTPS, and that guarantees that no one will interfere with your PWA 24/7.

5. Always the newest version of the website

When having a PWA, there is no need to use API with a function of backward compatibility. That means your PWA will always show you the newest version of the website, regardless of your device or location.

6. PWA can be rendered on any gadget
different apps on the smartphone

No matter what kind of device you have and what kind of speed your device has, there will always be an option of a quick download of a PWA wherever you are.

7. Nobody wants to have to download and update your website’s app for no reason

When Apple, Blackberry and Samsung and the other brands launched their first smartphones and Apple and Google Stores started to work, people were curious what an App is. People were downloading as many Apps as they could. A few years later, the market of Apps has become very overwhelmed, and people have become very disappointed as the descriptions and the Apps themselves do not match. Sometimes people download many Apps and then forget about them, which means they either never open them or use them.

8. PWAs can send push notifications like native apps

We urge all our developer friends to be extremely cautious with this feature. Only use it whenever it is needed. If you are prompting a user to enable push notifications by using your site, you are set to fail. If a user is trying to buy a product and its out of stock? That’s the perfect time to ask for a push permission.

👏👏👏 Bonus Tip

Want to take a PWA for a spin? Perhaps get inspired? Visit https://pwa.rocks right now!

What do Whales think about PWA?

We at Whale Agency think that PWA’s are great. No matter if you have a small flower shop or you are a dean of a faculty at a University: a PWA is a great technology that can bring more organic traffic to your business and attract a bunch of potential clients.


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