Intern Report #1 Cacao

erik the intern doing button the background tasks at whale agency

Hello world.

My name is Erik better known as “Erik Cacao”. I’m one of the new interns here at Whale agency. I’m a student at the Hogeschool Utrecht, studying Communication and Multimedia Design specialized in UXD. Over the course of 20 weeks I’ll keep you updated with my (new) experiences, failings, humor and creativity.

After three weeks being here I already feel part of the team, having responsibility, my own little projects and I can share my opinion on every topic.

This week Kike came back from Barcelona with new insights for the Noombers project. We are trying to define the market for Noombers. With this new information we had a whole day brainstorm session to create the perfect tournament organizer persona. At the end of the day Tim was born. Tim is a tech savvy guy who organizes tournaments for a living. He has a passion for sports but sometimes his stubbornness and big ego gets in the way. Kike, Fynn and I also started to create a journey map, for the persona. The purpose of this map is to do a gap analyses, for Noombers. Where does Noombers fit in during the whole tournament organisation process? We are going to find this out next week.

Every wednesday there is “Achterhoek werkt” day. A whole day we spend working on the project “Achterhoek werkt”. After creating wireframes and some mock up design, it was time to make a detailed style guide. The challenge here is that photoshop mock ups work a bit different than CSS/HTML design. But with help from the team its a challenge easy to conquer. The first part of the styleguide is done, and it feels great to see design results in a web browser.

My table tennis skills also grew, one of my goals is to beat everyone at Whale agency within 20 weeks.

Check back next week for some more of my experience at Whale agency.

Want to know more about me? Leave a reply and I’ll come back to you as soon as possible.