Intern Report #2 Cacao

Hello world, and welcome back to my second Intern report.

It was a great week with some long days. We started the week with a huge customer journey session for Noombers. The reason we did it was to find user needs for tournament organizers and do a gap analyses for Noombers.

What do you need to make the ultimate customer journey map?

1. A giant map with user processes in our case it was the creation of a tournament, from the idea of a tournament, to searching for a venue and the end ceremony session. And everything in between.

2. A few persona’s, they have to be as diverse as possible. We had Tim the profession 10 year experienced tournament organizer. Jane the newbie who wants to have fun with friends. And IJsbrandt a tournament organizer at the KNVB for the C youth.

3. Some role playing skills. To create a great journey the persona’s have to become alive, thats where the role playing part is crucial for good results.

We worked in duo’s and each duo got a persona, I worked with Fynn and our persona was Jane. After 15 minutes getting used to Jane we started filling in the blanks with post its. For example: a process “Organize side events during the tournament (music, workshops etc.)”. A user need for Jane was: “I want my participants to organize there own activities but I want to know what they will be organizing”. After two days the map was complete, and the next thing we have to do is a gap analysis.

Thursday was “de nacht van de Gelderse economie”, a big event about innovation and showing off what Gelderland has to offer. Noombers was selected as one of the startups who had a chance to win 10.000 euro. My task was to create a poster with some facts that Noombers reached in only 10 months. Maybe it was the day but I lacked inspiration for the poster. I wanted to add too much information in one poster, I just couldn’t make it work. After some good feedback from the team and killing some darlings I ended up with this design. In the end I was very happy with it.

noombers a free web platfrom for communication and organization of tournaments worldwide

It was a busy night during the event, I met some new people and learned a lot about the region. I still have a hard time “networking” on these events. But I think the more I join the better I get.

Check back next week for some more of my experience at Whale agency.

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Btw. we didn’t won the 10.000 euro, but we had a great experience.