Is Watching Videos in Incognito Mode Really Safe?

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It was created by Apple Inc in 2005. Some call it incognito mode, private browsing, in-private mode or incognito window. No matter how you name it, the mode has one essential function: to keep you data private. When operating in incognito mode, a temporary session is created. When the session is over, all the browsing data and cookies are deleted.

According to recent surveys, only around 30% of people browse the Internet or watch videos privately. In this article, we will tell you more about incognito mode and if watching videos in it is safe.

Everything You Need to Know about Incognito Mode

When using incognito mode, people either want to avoid or hide something. Are cookies annoying? Or maybe you do not want your family or coworkers find videos you watch? An incognito mode is right there for you! However, keep in mind that watching videos in this mode is not completely safe. Why?

• Your Browsing History Can be Tracked Anytime

surfing the internet incognito mode on a grey iPad When watching videos in incognito mode, you might think no one can find what you are doing. Yes and No. Why Yes? Any other users who have access to the same PC will not be able to track information about your private mode browsing history. Why No? Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) or your network admin can have access to any of your Internet data anytime. Keep in mind that Google also has a 24/7 access to your browsing history.

• Private Mode Hides Information Only on Your Browser

Once your session in an incognito mode is over, all the search and visitor's information will be deleted from your browser. However, your ISP or your network admin such as an employer or school administration will still have access to all the data you have searched or watched in an incognito mode.

• Your IP Address is not Changed

a girl watching a video using vpn on an iPad

An incognito mode does not change your IP address. That means your ISP can track your Internet activities anytime. What can you do? Use VPN (Virtual Private Network) to change your IP address. VPN can make your searches safer. However, you still will not be able to completely hide your browsing history from your Internet provider.

Conclusion: Is Watching Videos in Incognito Mode Safe?

Incognito mode lets you hide information about your browsing history to the other users of the same PC. Your ISP or your network admin can request information about your Internet activity anytime. That means all the videos you watch in incognito mode or all the searching requests can be found.


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