Locomotive CMS: Pros and Cons

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In our previous articles we were discussing IA (Information Architecture) and UX (User Experience).This time we are going to tell you a bit more about the CMS that we use every day, Locomotive CMS.

Nowadays, using a CMS (Content Management System) is one of the most important steps in maintaining a webpage. Many businesses and individuals have a great variety of CMSs to choose for their business or personal purposes. While knowing WordPress, not many people are aware of some alternatives to it. In this article, the Whales are going to tell you more about one of our favorites, Locomotive CMS.

Pros of Locomotive CMS



Imagine you run 2 businesses and you have 2 webpages. Or you have a personal page and a business-related one. At the same time you are used to the design and features that a definite CSM offers and you do not want to use any other platforms. With Locomotive you will be able to connect all of your websites to one platform. You no longer have to worry about having issues with any limitations as long as your webpages are connected to one server. This is similar to the multi-site environment that can be found on Magento, or WordPress CMS.

2. Localisation

Yes, if you care about your clients, you will also care about the information that is hosted on your page in another countries. Not everyone speaks English worldwide. In order to quit any misunderstandings, Locomotive has a special feature – you can choose the language quickly. Moreover, your potential clients can also choose their languages of preference. There is no problem with running separate sites for separate languages anymore.

3. High credibility internationally

Would you use something that is new on the market? Or maybe something that has not been tested? Probably, not. However, Locomotive has been used by many famous companies such as Disney, BBC, UP Global, Nikon Group, The Swiss Yellow Pages and many others. Famous clients worldwide trust Locomotive as their CMS and that shows the level of credibility guys from Locomotive earned.

4. Better performance and high level of security

With Locomotive you will not be allowed to use plugins. Yes, it may be inconvenient if you think about it first. However, you will notice the advantages very quickly: the fewer plugins your page has, the better the performance is. Your page will have less chance of a crash if there are no plugins. Most importantly – with no usage of plugins you will have no security problems and no personal data issues, which has become of a great importance this year due to GDPR.

5. A list of photos associated to definite topics

Imagine you have a blog and you write on definite topics regularly. Sometimes you need a few photos for one article or a few for a definite section of the blog. Locomotive is the only CMS which allows you to have a list of photos that are associated to definite topics.

6. Open-source

If you do not want to subscribe to Locomotive but try and compare it with some alternatives, you will have an option to do it. Locomotive allows you to have a free version that you will have to adapt yourself. Of course, a paid version has more options available with a more personalised service but Locomotive cares about all groups of people but not just those who have money.

7. Free domain elements

This is the last and the main advantage of Locomotive as a CMS for users. The system allows you to define any free domain elements and relation between them. You save a great amount of money and time, which is crucial as you always want to be one step ahead of your competitors.


There is nothing perfect in this world and Locomotive CMS is also not ideal. According to our testing, we mention some of drawbacks here.

1. Adding content locally

The biggest disadvantage of using Locomotive is no chance of adding content automatically. That means if you want to do any changes, you have to develop a website, first. After this you can add content only locally.

2. Relatively new on the market

Locomotive is just a few years old and it is a relatively new system on the market. Having WordPress as a competitor is tough, especially when WordPress is used as the main CMS worldwide. It takes time to gain trust from users but in a few years the amount of constant users of Locomotive CMS will be constantly growing worldwid.