Loosing Our Press-Ginity!

Ahoi, interneters!

A few weeks ago we got offered the opportunity to write a small piece for the newsletter of the Center for Entrepreneurship(website is in Dutch) of HAN University of applied Sciences. We of course took it really serious and kindly asked our main man Andro to help us out with his epic copy-writing skills.
The goal of this piece was to introduce our company to entrepreneurs who have graduated HAN University(just like us) and inspire them about the WHY of our business. Enough said, just read, enjoy and give us your feedback, please. It is extremely valuable.


If you want to give him a shout-out or maybe even work with him, you can find Andro Pentchev on LinkedIn and Twitter.

If you are interested in publishing this piece, contact us at hello@whale-amsterdam.com and we can hook you up with the text version.

P.S. I almost forgot, feedback is welcome as always.