No Land's Men: The Complexity of Trading a Home Country to Another

The Whales have been getting down and dirty with a big sack of projects lately. For the first year ever we have been sticking our gigantic whale fins to the awesomeness that is Amsterdam’s art and culture scene, lending a fin to the exhibition named No Land’s Men.

No Land’s Men is a three-week extravaganza of visual art, atmosphere and mood that turns the Petersburg building into a true cultural powerhouse. Amsterdammers and tourists alike can enjoy this exhibition and recognize patterns and emotions tied to the notion of trading a home country for another. Either for political, social or racial issues.

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The Whales were challenged to harness their digital strategy superpowers and make an awesome teaser + editorial calendar for No Land’s Men. Among many tools, for this project we made sure to use Twitter, Instagram and a bit of Facebook in order to attract more than 400+ people.

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What can be more awe-impacting than a exhibition of Russian immigrants, telling their stories and struggles of living in the Netherlands? TELL ME!

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All in all you’ll have to see it yourself to believe it. It is an experience that will give you perspective in life and send you stumbling home with crazy visions of real art and music, amazing food and a beer or two.

If I were you I’d get clicking and set some time apart in your agenda, because this is something you would not want to miss. If you don’t believe me just check out the links below for a sneak preview of what is No Land’s Men.

No land’s men tumblr

Last but not least, to all of you digital marketers – expect a detailed case study of what we did in terms of [P]eople , [O]bjectives, [S]trategy and [T]echnology in about two weeks time!