The Two Add-Ons That Will Make Your UX Better

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Hello, peeps. Me again.

I just want to share with you the two add-ons that will make your UX a 100 times better. Consequently your life will be more filled with digital joy, love and fun.

The first one of the two is AdBlock. It is a classic, that I have been using for years and honestly I can’t imagine my browsing without it. I guess the name already speaks for its functions.

The second one(personal favorite) is HoverZoom. Oohhh dear, this is a total game changer! You will never have to click photos and pictures anymore! You will be able to browse pics in Reddit like a true BAWS!


This is something that usually you wouldn’t expect an agency to tell you! If I am going to try to sell you digital strategy, which obviously includes at least some advertisement(SEA, Facebook ads, banners, etc.), why would I be telling the normal user to block those ads. Well, because they are annoying and are totally ruining your user experience. Simple as that.

We are personally fans of AdBlock for years already and I can’t imagine having to get the annoying pop-ups all the time, or having ads within WordPress and other blog platforms. Even worse is when streaming some TV show online via or any other website and on every click you get like 3 pop-ups with “hot” girls in the area or some betting website or whatever else they are advertising nowadays. LIKE THIS:

shock content pop up

It is quite simple to get the AdBlock. It is usually an addon that you install to your browser. Here are the links for AdBlock for Chrome and Mozilla as they are the most spread browsers. I guess.


This one simply makes all the pictures pop out! Why is it so good?

Well I can give you the 3 most common reasons, that everybody(or at least most of you) can relate to.

1. It will make it easier for you to stalk people on Facebook. You don’t have to click on no pictures no more, JUST HOVER!
2. Browse Reddit like a BAWS! It has been a problem for quite some time that in order to see the content on Reddit you have to click and go to another tab. Well that is super annoying and that is why you should use HoverZoom.
3. You can check if you know someone on LinkedIn, without even clicking on their profile. This is quite handy if you are good with faces, but bad with names, like our partner Carlos.

In order to get HoverZoom just visit the extension stores of Chrome and Mozilla.

P.S. The one for Mozilla is not tested out due to the fact that….uhhh… I don’t use Mozilla and I really don’t understand why somebody would. Anyways, it should be working good enough, the add-on, I mean.

Have fun and keep on browsing!