Why Use TikTok For Your Business?

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Some time ago we were telling you about Augmented Reality as a big trend in E-Commerce. Today we are going to talk about the fastest growing social media App of this year. The name of it is TikTok. The amount of active users of this social media App is stunning: 500 million people use TikTok daily. We should mention that the App itself is not new. It was created under another name, Musical.ly in 2016.

What is TikTok?

To put it simply, Tiktok is an App that inspires you to create videos. You can also add some filters and music to them. The App gives you an opportunity to be creative. Creative and native since you show your audience who you are without using any additional filters. TikTok is just fun to use. A mix of a video, a song, and some artistic or just fun moves can make not only your TikTok account grow but also your business thrives.

Why TikTok for Your Business?

1. You can easily grow your audience

TikTok is relatively new for big audiences. Hashtags are not overused. You can be the first one in your field with a hashtag that is not used at all on TikTok. Your audience is right there, and it is eager to watch what you have.

grow your audience business TikTok

2. You can explore niches for your business

Do you bake amazing cranberry cakes? Or do you make standing desks for offices? Or maybe you are creating eye-catching films? No matter what you do, you can always explore new niches, even small and weird ones. Just show TikTok what you do in a creative way. The competition on TikTok is not as intense as on Instagram, and it gives a business of any kind a way to develop on Tiktok.

3. You can go live

Use this option to engage with your audience. Do not be disappointed if something does not work during your first live streams. It is just a try, and it costs nothing.

4. You can be real

No filters. No fake faces. Just real you and your charming smile. ;-)

2 girls making a selfie with a charming smile 

A Few Things To Keep in Mind When Using TikTok

TikTok is not Instagram. You have to be creative in your own way. Does your business offer any services? Is your company small and new and is located in a rural area? You still have high chances to rock on TikTok! Just think of your own strategy! Spend a few days on it, talk to your colleagues, friends and generation Z. Take into consideration all the ideas and EXPERIMENT! Yes, TikTok is about experimenting. Create your own hashtag and a challenge. Leave the fear behind. Experiment, experiment more and even more!

You can find some influencers from your field. Yet, if your videos are not engaging, the promotion efforts may not work the best way. Creativity is the first step to success on TikTok no matter what you do.

What about ROI from TikTok? It is not about the money BUT about engagement and fun. These two words are going to bring you success and profit from a long-term perspective.

How Companies Are Using TikTok Now?

1. The Washington Post

This American newspaper is one of the first business users of TikTok. Almost 3 million likes and 284 thousand followers. A bunch of weekly behind-the-scenes videos from different departments that are fun to watch. This is probably not something you expect from a serious American newspaper. And it makes you more curious. You just subscribe to their account and watch new videos.

2. Guess

This American brand uses a very smart strategy for TikTok. The Guess guys launched a hashtag #inmydenim, that has almost 40 million views now. Yet, keeping in mind that TikTok's audience is quite young, the brand made collaborations with some teen influencers such as Brent Rivera or Chris Kerr. Needless to say, the collaborations were quite successful!

3. Lush Cosmetics

The brand is relatively new on TikTok. However, it already has a few thousand followers all over the world. The secret of Lush Cosmetic’s success is easy. The company has separate accounts on TikTok for different regions of the world. Apparently, the North American TikTok is leading the competition. However, it does not mean that Asian or European accounts will always be behind.


TikTok gives you a bunch of unique business opportunities. You just have to be creative and forget your fears. With TikTok you can be yourself and show how your business stands out in a fun and freeway.

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