What is Firefox Send and why is it Safe?

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Arnhem, March 12th 2019 - Firefox has just released Firefox Send earlier today.

Send is a tool from Firefox that supports sending large files over the web. It can transfer files up to 2.5GB (if you make a free account) or 1GB unconditionally. It is not a new cloud sharing solution in the market, but what is special about Send?

You are safe

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It is not just about sending large files, the files you send are also encrypted end-to-end, similar to the technology that Whatsapp claim to use. Next time, if you are sending info of your credit cards, ID, financial documents or anything that you wish to only keep between the sender and receiver. Send is the solution for you.

You can choose time-to-expire & the number of downloads allowed

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You can adjust the number of downloads you want to allow before the file is deleted. I believe that this is one of the product's spotlight. Moreover, you can also choose an expiry date for your files. Just in case that secret file still lingers around and someone else may download it. Prevention is better than cure.
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